Our company has always been socially-conscious, ethical and environmentally friendly. Thoughtful fashion is very important to us, but we have also always wanted to do more.


Today, we have launched our new “HOPE” initiative to encourage people to shop with a difference.
Every purchase from our brand will help make a difference in an orphaned child’s life in an economically & politically challenged country.


What is our “HOPE” initiative?
A portion of all of our sales will be donated to the Ukrainian orphanage “Надія” [Nadiia] that translates to “Hope” in English. This orphanage has 75 kids, ages 0-6, and suffers constantly from lack of funding.


The money from our campaign will be used to provide kids with much needed clothing and basic necessities (such as diapers, hygiene products etc). We will have a separate small team of artisans working on making clothes specifically for the needs of the orphanage.

With the help of our customers we are determined to continue to build a relationship with the Hope orphanage and create more opportunities for the children living there. By striving to ensure the orphanage is properly maintained and the children have access to quality educational materials, we hope to aid these children in living a better life now and in the future.


Our goal is to grow this initiative and support as many orphanages in less developed countries as possible. We believe that every child deserves to be cared for and have their basic human needs met.